Shed Disposal & Framed Shed Bases

Its not easy to dispose of your old shed nowadays with the recycling centre`s  preventing you taking them in.

You can of course order a hire skip. Unfortunately  here at The Shed Shop we are unable ourselves to take down and remove your old shed.

But as this is a common problem people ask us about we do know someone who can help.

W Shed Clearance is here to help.

He can take down and take away your old shed ready in time before your new shed arrives.

Worried about not having somewhere to store your stuff between sheds? In some cases he can take down your old shed and build your new one up in the same day with over 20 years in shed erecting experience. Please ask for quotes on erection services with shed disposal. (For this service just order a drop off only unit when ordering from The Shed Shop.

Before a shed can be disposed of you MUST disconnect any electric and remove your stuff.

Approximate guideline prices are below but please note prices can vary on travelling distance and whether it requires 1 or 2 men to clear it away. Please call for actual quote.

  • 6×4 from £110.00

  • 7×5 from £130.00

  • 8×6 from £150.00

  • 8×8 from £160.00

  • 10×8 from £180.00

  • 12×8 from £240.00

W Shed Clearance also offers framed bases for sheds to help prepare your ground ready for your new shed if your ground is not perfect and you do not want

the expense of re laying slabs or concreting a new base.

W Shed Clearance  also offers re felts on sheds of an age that can be still re felted.

Please call for quotes



W Shed clearance is NOT connected with The Shed Shop and must be arrange through yourself.


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