Guarantee & Terms/Conditon of sale.


All our units come with a 12 month guarantee from delivery date.

Timber is a natural material and is subject to climate changes including warping

and splitting particularly in extremes of temperature. This process is natural and

beyond our control and is not covered by a guarantee.

Our roof felt is specially formulated for use on garden building ,

Occasionally  the felt can ripple. This is due to temperature changes and

not to any fault in the material.

Garden Sheds are guaranteed against product failure through normal use during the first

12 months.


On delivery of your new shed you will be Instructed to re treat your shed in 6 months

then every 12 months from then on. Not re treating will invalidate the your guarantee.

If the shed fails due to poorly or wrongly construction by yourselves on delivery only

sales .This is not covered.


Terms & conditions of Sale

Base : The customer agrees to provide a firm level base if the shed shop is erecting the unit.

Access: There should be clear access to the site.If access is difficult or some distance from the road the customer should inform the shed shop when ordering.

Delivery : The customer should give a Minimum of 3 week`s notice if they wish to change the delivery date otherwise payment has to be paid in full on agreed week.

Unsuitable base on arrival: If the base is unsuitable on arrival this is not The Shed Shops fault. The shed shop has already used their time

to build your shed so the shed will be dropped off at this point and the amount owing for the shed  (excluding the erection service which

has not yet been provided will be taken off the bill and charged later on the new re arranged day to erect) is due on the arrange date from

order .

Payment . Payment is due on the day arranged to deliver. Payment can be Bacs , Card or Cash.

None payment of this date will after 5 days be re invoiced with an extra 10% on the the invoice price and every 5 days after until paid.


If any of the above occur the shed shop has the right to.

  1. Leave the unit and charge for delivery only.
  2. If the cannot be left a storage fee may be incurred. (If its a large unit  If its wiil need to be delivered as we do not have storage space at our workshop.
  3. If a 2nd visit is necessary to erect the unit an additional £20.00 will be payable.

By handing over a deposit or signing If I see you in person you agree to the above terms.


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