Buying Guide

Before you buy a shed check out our quick guide of what to look for. Not all sheds are the same and some will last longer than others.

Floor and Roof

Avoid sheds made using sheet compressed material for floor and roof as they will soon crumble to bits and are then unrepairable. Look for a floor and roof made from tongue and groove, this type of wood is stronger lasts longer.


Cheaper sheds normally have feather edged walls. This is where rough cut timber is placed overlapping each other and have a shorter lifespan. Look out for sheds that use tongue and grove (e.g. Shiplap) as these provide a more solid build and will last a lot longer.


Check to see how the shed is constructed. Cheaper sheds use staples that are weak and will soon break. Choose a shed that uses proper nails and will give you many years of enjoyment.


Does the price of the shed include preserve? If not you will need to spend time preserving it yourself or pay extra for someone to do it for you.


Remember you only get what you pay for!

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