Charnwood Cabin Playhouse / Teenage Hang out

Product Description

Ideal for age 10+ children/teens who want there own space. And best of all when they get bored of it you have a summer house or storage shed ready made!

The Charnwood Cabin  is available in any size.  If your size doesn`t appear on our price list please ask and we will be happy to quote. When choosing your size please remember the internal useable size is approximately 5 inches smaller than the size chosen! Also When preparing your base the floor panel will always be 2 inches smaller than your chosen size.

The Charnwood cabin comprises  of four windows to the front giving a 3ft x 3ft.window and two window in one side (can be either side as long as stated on order) .Both sides are angled to meet the 1ft overhang on the roof. The door is a single ledged and brace tongue and groove match board construction 2ft 6 inch wide.

  • 45mm x35mm framing used throughout.
  • 12mm Shiplap tongue & groove or 19mm Loglap tongue & groove for the walls
  • 12mm matchboard tongue & groove on the floor ,roof and door
  • Constructed using nails
  • Dipped in water based (animal friendly) base treatment.
  • Price Includes perspex on all playhouses
  • We use a polyester lined felt on all roofs for a more durable covering