Budget Play House

Product Description

The budget playhouse is as the name suggests.Ideal for the very young and toddler age group. This playhouse sits directly on the floor with no timber floor and open windows (no perspex) so you can see and hear your child at play at all times.

  • 40″ wide x 48″ deep
  • 36″ to the eaves and 45″ to the middle
  • 45mm x35mm framing used throughout.
  • 12mm Shiplap tongue & groove or 19mm Loglap tongue & groove for the walls
  • 12mm matchboard tongue & groove on the floor ,roof and door
  • Constructed using nails
  • Dipped in water based (animal friendly) base treatment.
  • We use a polyester lined felt on all roofs for a more durable covering